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Home Purchase, Refinance, and Home Equity Loans

Whether you have already found your dream home or are still looking, we are here to help you understand the mortgage programs we have available for you. We process our applications locally, make timely decisions, close and service your loan at the bank after it is closed. It is all done locally by people you can call or meet with anytime you have a question. We are here to help you through the myriad of mortgage alternatives and requirements. 

We provide mortgage loans for:

  • Primary residency
  • A second home
  • Refinancing your current mortgage loan
  • Construction loans 

Is refinancing right for you?  The process of refinancing your home can be costly and time consuming. Saving money shouldn't be a hassle and at First National Bank of Germantown we do our best to make it easier on you!  The savings from getting a lower interest rate on your home can add up fast.  The average mortgage balance in the State of Ohiois $105,771. Depending on your current interest rate, you could save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.  

Home Equity Loans (Open & Closed End)

The most valuable thing you own is your home.  You can use the equity in your home to finance home improvements, college tuition, medical bills, or even consolidate high-interest debt to a more reasonable rate and friendlier terms.  The interest rate on your home equity loan may be deductible, but your should check with your tax advisor to be sure.  Let us help you put your home to work for you.  We offer both, home equity loans and home equity lines of credit.  Here is a simple comparison chart of the features each program has to offer:

  Closed-EndOpen-End (Line of Credit)
Monthly Payment Fixed Variable, based on balance
Term Up to 20 years 10 years
Interest Rate Fixed or Variable Variable
Access to Funds Lump Sum or Draws As Needed

We will work with you to help you select the equity loan that meets your needs and make a timely decision so you can implement the plans you have and put your home to work for you!


 All loans are subject to credit approval.  Must be 18 years or older to apply for credit.