Frequently Asked Questions


Why is First National Bank of Germantown changing its internet banking platform to FNB Germantown Online?

We want to provide our clients with an internet banking landing page that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. Bill Pay has been integrated onto the home page along with the opportunity to categorize your transactions and create spending reports. There is also a new live chat feature that allows you to contact a banker during regular business hours 9am-5pm M-F and9am-12pm Saturdays. This chat feature is called LinkLive.

What is LinkLive?

LinkLive is a secure and convenient online client service tool that allows real time interaction between you and one of our bankers during normal business hours 9am-5pm M-F and 9am-12pm Saturdays. There is also an option to exchange client documents via LinkLive. You can exchange documents with the bank using drag-and-drop functionality via this secure link. LinkLive also allows our bankers to enter your computer, with your permission, on a view only basis to provide assistance remotely.

As of January 1, 2016, LinkLive will no longer be available. 

Will my old Access ID and Password work on FNB Germantown Online?

Your Access ID will be the same as with the current system except that it will be all in lowercase. For example, if your Access ID is JohnDoe55, it will become johndoe55. Your temporary password will be the last six digits of the login owner's tax identification number/social security number. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you login on April 7th.

If I use Bill Pay in the old system, will I need to reenter all of my vendors or recurring payments into the new system?

All of your current Bill Pay information will transfer over to FNB Germantown Online. FNB Germantown Online will use a new vendor (CheckFree) on the new platform.

Why do I have to answer new security questions, and why are they so random?

To increase security and decrease the likelihood of a fraudster guessing the answers to your security questions, we have made the questions more difficult. The answers are less likely to be compromised from social media sites or other online outlets. The answers you create for your security questions will not be case sensitive.

Why do we have to change our password every six months?

FNB Germantown views information security as top priority. The multi-factor authentication built into the internet banking platform allows you to identify that you are logging into FNB Germantown Online and not a fraudulent internet banking platform setup to look like FNB Germantown Online. The security questions will be prompted if you are logging into internet banking from a computer you have not registered as private. In addition to these precautions, asking you to change your password every six months reduces the likelihood that a fraudster could eventually crack your password. The password requires alpha, numeric and special symbols to make it more difficult to crack.

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